Summer School

Enrichment Summer School

Students may take up to 1 credit of enrichment courses (listed below) over the summer break. Enrichment summer school runs for 4 weeks. Attendance is mandatory and only 2 absences are permitted. Register Now.

  • Writing - 0.5 Credits
  • Computer Technology - 1.0 Credit
  • Hope - 1.0 Credit
  • Morality - 0.5 Credits
  • Spirituality in the Sacraments - 0.5 Credits
  • World Religions - 0.5 Credits
  • Catholic Social Teacher - 0.5 Credits
  • Government - 0.5 Credits
  • Economics - 0.5 Credits
Each 0.5 credit

Freshman Experience

The Summer Program is designed to help students bridge the gap between the requirements of middle school and those of high school, specifically Monsignor Pace High School. Classes will review the basics skills required for students including but not limited to: mathematics, vocabulary, spelling, grammar, syntax, and study skills.

The students will meet with 2 teachers over the course of the four week program: one teacher will cover English and Writing, while the other will cover Mathematics and Student Skills.

The student’s work will be evaluated on a regular basis and the teachers’ final evaluation will be made at the end of the four week program. Parents will receive a letter after the student has satisfactorily completed the Freshmen Experience program.

Failure to comply with the requirements or failure to attend classes on a regular basis as described above could result in your child not being permitted to enter the Freshmen Class in August. Register Now.

Course Fee

Credit Recovery

If a student earns a D in a course, he or she may choose to remediate that class during Summer School (as explained in the Grade Forgiveness Policy of the Student Parent Handbook).

If a student earns an F in a course during the school year, that course must be made up during Summer School (at Monsignor Pace High School).

Remedial Summer School runs for 4 weeks.

The numerical "D" or "F" grade will count for 30%; the numerical Summer School grade will count for 70%. The new average Summer School grade will appear on all official student transcripts.

All remediation must be done at Pace, unless we do not offer the course needed.

A student may remediate up to 2 credits each summer. Register Now.

Course Fee