Campus Ministry

Experience The Presence Of Christ

At Pace, student strength of mind is balanced by strength of body and spirit. Through teaching by example, a student's intellectual and physical growth is balanced by a strong spiritual background that allows the student to view education and his or her accomplishments within the context of a Catholic life. These ideas of looking beyond, and reaching within, guide everything we do at Pace. We strive to create a spirit of culture, service, and awareness of social justice by raising consciousness about the needs in the world through the many events and projects available at Pace.

Andres Novela
"I've been a part of the Pace community for many years - first as a student, then as a teacher and campus minister and now as a parent of Pace students. I really believe that the heart and soul of the school is our amazing Campus Ministry program. It's made up of many talented and dedicated teachers and staff members and creative, enthusiastic, hard-working and faithful students who pour themselves into our spiritual and outreach programs. Our community lives out the call to love on a daily basis and I'm honored to continue to be a part of this community."
Andrés NovelaC/O 1995