Ask Us Anything!

Some of the important topics you need to know to survive your child’s first year of high school is carefully described in this survival guide! Before embarking on your journey with your child, please read the information below!

Parent Communication (3)

> What is PlusPortals?
PlusPortals are mobile-ready web portals that enable our school administrators and teachers to instantly share data and engage with parents and students in a secure environment.
> How do I stay informed?
There are multiple avenues to stay informed. For class-specific information, please check PlusPortals on a regular basis. School events and happenings will be shared via our social media outlets (Facebook, Instagram, & Twitter - @pacespartans). You can also check the school website for more information.
> How do I contact the teachers?
The easiest way to contact your child's teacher is to email him/her via PlusPortals.

Activites & Sports (3)

> How do I find out about athletic events?
You can find all the scheduled games via the sports calendar.
> How do I get involved in school?
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> Should my child get involved in extracurricular activites?
Activities are a valuable education tool. Statistics show that students who participate in activity programs tend to have higher grades, better attendance records, more self-confidence, school spirit, lower drop-out rates, and fewer disciplinary problems. Activity programs provide valuable lessons in many practical situations: teamwork, sportsmanship, winning and losing, hard world. Through participation in activity programs students learn self-discipline, build self-confidence, and develop skills to handle competitive situations. Selective colleges look for participation in extracurricular activities on a student's transcript.

Attendance (2)

> How do I report an illness or take my child out of school early?
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> How do I get in touch with my child in case of emergency?
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Campus Ministry (2)

> What is the retreat requirement?
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> What is the community service requirement?
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